How Much & How Long?

The ultimate questions for anyone planning to build a web site are “How Much?” and “How Long?” Fortunately, we’ve been able to develop some standard answers that fit most of our clients needs.

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How Much?

In each case, the monthly hosting starting at $30 a month includes unlimited access to the Wireware Site Manager and a Site Consultant who is just an email (or a phone call) away.

FULL SERVICE CUSTOM DESIGN: Includes two design concepts with a round of revisions to one design. We build up to 30 pages. Includes illustrated design elements. - only $2500

HIGH END CUSTOM DESIGN: Two design concepts with two rounds of revisions to one design. Includes custom design elements throughout. Homepage can include a video or slideshow or other custom interactive piece. - starting at $3500

Need more that what we described here? No problem we have lots more to offer. Check out our portfolio of e-business solutions, software and print design at Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll tell you how we can help.

How Long?

We can get your site up and running for you in as little two weeks.

All you need to do is deliver the final content and approve the site architecture and design. Here’s an idea of a basic project schedule starting on a Monday:

Monday: After the project agreement has been signed, we discuss and define the site architecture and you tell us what you envision for your website

Tuesday: We deliver a site outline which defines the main navigation for the site and possible sub pages for each of the sections when applicable. You deliver your Homepage copy content and logo artwork.

Friday: We present your site your new site design (or designs) and discuss what works and what you’d like to change.

Monday: We deliver your revised site design for final sign off before building. You deliver all of the content you want us to include for your site launch

Thursday: Your completed site is ready for your review before launch.

Friday: We make any necessary last minute changes and LAUNCH your new site!